Camellia Rose Skin Care was created out of my passion for helping people have healthy, vibrant skin! When I was younger, I had very terrible acne and it was not until I started with natural skin care and using my own products that my acne truly cleared up.

After a journey of intense research and product experimentation my product line was created.

The name Camellia Rose has two meanings.. on one hand it reminds me of the delicateness of the Camellia flower. They are so delicate, you really do have to be gentle with them!

On the other hand, it reminds me of when I was little and my Nana had so many Camellia plants in her backyard. I used to go into her greenhouse and mix dirt together with rocks and flower petals, and water thinking I was making something so incredibly cool! [Who knew one day I would end up doing this.. just in a different way! :) ]

My goal is to help ladies find balance in their skin by using products that protect their skin barrier, help repair their skin and give them the hope that they can love their skin again!

Caring for your Skin - Naturally!


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